Refund Policy

After receiving your order, you have three working days to contact the business if you find any printing errors in the packaging boxes or the product is not printed as you had requested. Even if the printing is incorrect or unclear, we will reprint your original order, so do not request a refund. The executive team runs regular checks. Customers who wish to receive a reprint of the goods must provide the company with photographs of the defective product within 5 working days using their own resources. Accelerated transactions have payments that are not refundable at all.


Policy During the COVID Pandemic and Material Shortage.

The inconsistent supply of stock and manufacturing materials as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak scenario worldwide may result in unanticipated delays in the completion of some tasks. Due to this interruption in supply, custom package boxes retain the right to cancel any order at any time before the delivery of the boxes without giving the customer prior notice. The customer will receive a full refund of their purchase price within 30 days of the order date. Payment Method and Cancellation On our website, all of the product prices are listed in USD (US Dollars), and payments are also processed in USD. The business will begin working on your submitted order once they have obtained from any permitted payment system all sums due to you, including taxes, delivery fees, etc.

Before accepting an order, we provide our clients with a paper copy or electronic version of the final product that the business will produce for them. When you know what you want from us, the press department is given printing duties. No changes can be made to the project’s structure or schedule once it has been delivered to the press department. However, the order can be revoked in just 4 hours after the evidence has been accepted.

You were probably charged $25 and 5% of the total cost of your order for this cancellation. Customers may choose to cancel their order within 24 hours, but they will be required to pay 50% of the total price as compensation for the time and money the company has invested in making your product. However, the business would not promise that an order would be cancelled after 24 hours.